Monday, 4 January 2010


As we are aiming our kickers at the urban funk scene and underground street, here is some footage of one of the worlds best break dancers. Just watch him go!

Henry Holland//

Fashion designer Henry Holland, of House of Holland, has designed an exclusive collection of his trademark slogan T-shirts for Kickers. The slogans incorporating the designer's HoH logo and modelled by the sexy Daisy Lowe, the four-piece collection, named: "I'd drop my knickers for a pair of Kickers", also includes the slogans,
"She dropped her Knickers/I bought her some Kickers" and "Lose the clothes/Leave on those Kick-HoHs".
The range is linked to Holland's collaboration with Kickers, which showcased its Kick-Hi boots (also known as the Kick-HoHs) The Kick-HoH shoes, were developed for spring/summer 2008 as a continuation of the collaboration. The House of Holland for Kickers Ts cost £35 each. (2007)