Monday, 4 January 2010

Henry Holland//

Fashion designer Henry Holland, of House of Holland, has designed an exclusive collection of his trademark slogan T-shirts for Kickers. The slogans incorporating the designer's HoH logo and modelled by the sexy Daisy Lowe, the four-piece collection, named: "I'd drop my knickers for a pair of Kickers", also includes the slogans,
"She dropped her Knickers/I bought her some Kickers" and "Lose the clothes/Leave on those Kick-HoHs".
The range is linked to Holland's collaboration with Kickers, which showcased its Kick-Hi boots (also known as the Kick-HoHs) The Kick-HoH shoes, were developed for spring/summer 2008 as a continuation of the collaboration. The House of Holland for Kickers Ts cost £35 each. (2007)

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