Monday, 16 November 2009

Questions, questions, questions//

Whilst we're trying to research as much as possible about the brand, it would be UBER helpful if you could answer these ten questions for us. Just click on the link below (we promise it will take less than two minutes) :-)

Our Trend-Setter//

The kickers trend setter will be Simeon Glen who has been chosen to wear the Kickers Kick-Hi's at least 2 or 3 times a week and recording any compliments or comments he receives when and where he wears them. Here is a pen profile moodboard we have created to show what Simeons interests and hobbies. Simeon is a break-dancer so we are thinking of trying to pull Kickers back into the urban street scene by getting Sim to wear the kickers at break dancing conventions and socials.

It's all about the trend-setter//

Having been told to read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell in preparation for this project, we learnt about the importance of trendsetters. Gladwell separates these "opinion-formers" into three categories:

1. Connector
2. Maven
3. Sales person

Our first challenge for this project was to identify connectors, mavens and/or sales persons within Nottingham who we could approach to ask questions and take photos. This acted as a form of primary research to get an overview of what people thought of the brand Kickers and their opinion of the Kick-Hi boot.

We identified three people who we believe had qualities which would compliment the Kicker's image and encourage the Kick-Hi boot sales with a new wave of interest. Our opinion formers were Christine, Freya (both age 19) and Simeon (age, 24). Our tutors selected one of our final three based on pen profiles (aka moodboards).

What we think of Kickers?//

Our brief is to identify a new target consumer group for Kickers and create a communication and marketing strategy to promote the Kick-Hi boots. Our initial thoughts of the brand were that they had an out-date image, lacked current promotional material and had a confused target market. Whilst some of our group associated Kickers with childrens' school shoes, other believed they had a grungy-element which was popular with teenagers. Another key issue which was raised was, where can you buy them? Off the top of our heads we could only name a couple of stores which "might" sell them. We were beginning to see that this brief gave us large scope to be creative and innovative with our approach.